You’ve made the decision to move to a senior-living community now what?

Senior Living Decision

How do you find the right place for you? What services do you need? How much will it cost? Will I be happy?

The decision to move into a senior-living community may have been difficult and a long-time coming. Finding the right community may seem like a monumental task as well. With a little organization, some research and support from your family, the task can be very rewarding. In this series of posts we will review different aspects of finding the right home for you, arm you with some tools and hopefully take a little stress off and provide you some inspiration to feel good about your decision and your upcoming move.
Let’s start at the beginning… What are senior-living communities?

A senior-living community offers specialized services for elder persons that need or want assistance with daily living activities. We define daily living activities as those tasks that one completes on a routine basis every day. Bathing, grooming, cooking, eating, cleaning etc. A senior-living community will provide you support in helping to accomplish these tasks every day. A senior-living community differs from a retirement community in the fact that most retirement communities do not offer a full support system to accomplish individual senior needs. Retirement communities are often called 55+ communities and provide access to socializing activities and events but not specialized, individual care with daily living activities. Senior-living communities also differ from skilled nursing facilities. These facilities offer support with significant deficiencies in daily living activities and also provide specialized medical care. If a person struggles from debilitating disabilities or diseases that need constant monitoring, skilled nursing maybe required.

There are three main types of care available at a senior-living community, Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care. We will briefly discuss each below.

  • Independent Living – This living option is for seniors who do not need support with daily living activities but want the extra support with these activities and the security of having professionals nearby to assist them when they need it. Seniors choosing this lifestyle often receive benefits of some prepared meals, housekeeping, laundry services and home maintenance, providing them support and peace of mind of not having to do it all on their own. They also get access to a community of peers for socializing. Many communities have a full calendar of physically and mentally stimulating activities every day. This sense of belonging and friendship is vital to living happier, longer.
  • Assisted Living – This living option is for seniors who need support with daily living activities. They need some level of assistance with grooming, bathing, cooking, eating, cleaning, laundry, medication management, transportation, mental and physical wellness and so on. Most communities offering this level of service provide three meals a day plus access to a professionally trained staff to help meet the individual needs of each resident. There are many aspects to Assisted Living so if you think this is the level of service you need, please speak with your family or doctor about your specific needs so that the proper discussions are had during the interview process with communities to make sure you are supported properly. Please also let this blog serve as a source of reference as we will discuss assisted living more in-depth in various posts.
  • Memory Care – This living option is for seniors who are living with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory related diseases and need specialized assistance with daily living activities. Seniors are often physically capable but not mentally capable of taking care of themselves. Memory Care communities feature specially trained medical professionals who have extensive knowledge of memory related issues and can provide specific support in helping to maintain quality of life while trying to give back some of which their infliction has taken from them. If you have a family member that needs memory related care, please speak with their doctor about their specific needs so that you can have the proper discussions when interviewing communities to make sure they are supported properly. Please also let this blog serve as a source of reference as we will feature timely articles on memory care related issues.

You will need to take an honest look at your current living situation and then discuss the various benefits of each living option and how they can support your life. It is imperative that you remain open to all options so that you will be happy with your move. You might find the discussions to be difficult but what may seem difficult now won’t be nearly as difficult as if you move somewhere where you are not happy or supported properly to your needs.

Discovery Senior Living has been developing, managing and operating senior-living communities in Florida and various other locations for more than 20 years and understands both the difficulties with this decision but also the wonderful rewards when a senior finds the right match for their lifestyle and can live with less stress and responsibility having more fun and experiencing more enjoyment. Our communities feature all of the living options listed above providing you the right option for now and the right option for later as you may need more support. Our Senior-Living Counselors are located on-site at each community and would be more than happy to provide you with additional information on living at Aston Gardens and are also an excellent reference to speak with about general questions or concerns during your search.

Please reach out to us with any questions. You can get a listing of each community and their contact information by clicking here.

We’ll end this post with a comment frequently heard from our residents at our communities… “I wish I had moved here sooner”.

Don’t wait any longer. It’s time to get the support you need and the enjoyment of living happier, longer.

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